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BAVC 2023-2024 Boys Teams Formed

14-1 Sal 15/16 Calvin
14-2 Zach 17-1 Reza
15-1 Andre 17-2 Nina
15-2 Joslin 17-3- Joslin
16-1 Sebastian 18-1 Wendy
16-2 Aria 18-2 Alejandro
16-3 Alejandro 17/18 Aria


BAVC 2023-2024 Girls Teams Formed

12 Premier -October Tryout 15 Premier - Zach
13 Regional - October Tryout 16 National - Sal
13 Premier- October Tryout 16 National - Eric
14 National - October Tryout 16 National - Jen
14 Regional - October Tryout
16 Premier - Sandra  
14 Premier - October Tryout 16 Premier - Andre
15 National - Sebastian 17 National - Andre
15 National - Joslin 17 National - Nina
15 National - Alejandro     17 Premier - Calvin
                                              18-1 - Sebastian


If you are interested in being informed of future club activities such as clinics and tryouts, please email Richard Feldmann at


Little Ones

6th through 8th Grade

9th through 12th Grade

14 National Addidas - Staying in the Game Video Challenge Champions

Marissa Hill - Individual Staying in the Game Video Challenge Champion


Bay Area Volleyball Coaches - Staying in the Game Video - Put me in Coach

Staying in the Game Challenge

During our imposed Shelter in Place, BAVC had their teams challenge each other to compose the best video to show how they are still "Staying in the Game"

The Champions of the Staying in the Game Challenge was our 14 National Team!  They did a fantastic job encorporating life before and life after COVID 19.  Way to go girls!

BAVC also ran an individual player challenge and the ever talented Marissa Hill from our 14 National Team came in 1st.

Not to be outdone by the Players, the BAVC Coaches made a Stay in the Game video of their own so as not to loose their coaching moves!


Bay Area Volleyball Club (BAVC) provides a place for players of all ages and levels to develop their volleyball skills. By providing superior instruction and creating a competitive atmosphere BAVC strives to provide each player the opportunity to reach their complete potential as a volleyball player and become the best athlete they can be.