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Teams and Tournaments

2022-2023 BAVC Girls Teams / Tournaments (Subject to Change)

BAVC offers three different types of teams with three different levels of competition and travel expectations.  There is something for everyone.

National Teams: May travel nationwide for event tournaments and will not play league.

Regional Teams: May travel in the west region for event tournaments and may or may not play Power League.

Local Teams: Teams will play in local Premier League and with the exception of Far Western Qualifier in Reno should not have to travel more than 90 minutes for tournaments.  

Below are the anticipated number of teams. BAVC is able to add or delete teams in any age group to meet demand.

All information below is subject to change.

18 Hybrid - No League, Event Tournaments Only, Shortened Season for Seniors

18-1 and 18-2 Teams - Event Tournaments Only - Season Price: $3,500

Event Tournaments Dates
(Subject to Change)
Cal Kickoff January Multiple Bay Area Locations
Las Vegas Classic February Las Vegas, NV
Sierra National Qualifier March Reno, NV
Girls 18s National Qualifier March Orange County, CA
Capital City Clash April Roseville, CA

National Teams 

Regional Teams 

Local Teams